Pure and Refreshing Water: Anywhere, Everywhere!

Part Drinking Water Fountain offers nifty solutions to your requirement for an environment-friendly, energy-saving and cost-effective thirst quenchers. Our drinking water solutions provide pure and refreshing drinking water for public, commercial and industrial places; efficiently serving high traffic areas such as airports, Big Cafeteria, IT parks, commercial areas never compromising with the quality of every drop of water, and zones that require due consideration of cleanliness and purity like schools,universities, hospitals, gymnasiums, sports arena, institutions, offices, Jails, Manufactures, Distribution center.

Our comprehensive range of drinking water fountain solutions include:

  • Stainless Drinking Water Fountain
  • Single and Dual station secure with a leak Detector.
  • Floor wall mounted .
  • Wall recessed
  • Bottle Fillers
  • Tap Bubbler
  • Vandal Resistant

Part drinking water fountain also caters the need for sophisticated vital parts of the myriad water fountain body, to form a complete solution for the drinking water system. At present, Part Drinking Water Fountain is in healthy partnership with leading water fountain manufacturers and companies like Oasis, Elkay, Halsey Taylor, Source Omega, Haws and Sunroc. The company’s association with leading firms has resulted in economical solutions that are environment-friendly also. Our top-of-the-line range of products and cogs are well-priced for inclement budgets as well.

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